Circle Casting

The magick circle is a crucial element of the Wiccan ritual.  It serves three main purposes:

  • Creation of Sacred Space
  • Protection
  • Generation and Containment of Magick

There are numerous ways to cast the circle, none of which are superior or inferior to any other.  I have never seen two Wiccans cast a circle in the exact same way.  The most important thing when casting a circle is intent.  You are not simply reciting words or going through motions, you must truly feel the energy of the circle you are casting.

In accordance with the Wiccan Rede, the circle is often cast three times about.  To me, this represents the three functions that the magick circle serves, the first of which is the creation of sacred space.  This creates space that facilitates work, communication, and connection with deity, spirit guides, elements, and other various energies.  The second is protection. This is to keep any unwanted energies or negative entities from interfering with your magick.  The third is the generation and containment of magick.  During ritual and magickal work, energy is generated and built-up.  The magick circle acts as a containment for this energy.  When the ritual concludes, and the circle released, the energy built up within the circle is sent out to manifest itself in the universe.

Casting the Circle

As stated above, there are numerous ways of casting the circle.  The following method is mine.  The most important thing when it comes to casting a circle is that the method speaks to you and you truly feel the circle being cast.

Stand facing the North.  Hold athame facing outward.  Moving clockwise, toward the east, say the following:

Circle 1:  “I cast this circle to be a sacred space, a world between worlds”

Having gone around in a full circle and facing the North again, say the following while turning clockwise:

Circle 2: “A shield of protection from all harmful energy, a sacred space of love and light”

Follow the same instructions above for the third and final time:

Circle 3: “A sacred space of great magickal power, a balance of all natural energies”

Facing North again, athame still aloft, say the following:

“From earth to sky, from sky to earth”

Holding athame straight up, say: “As above”

Holding athame tip to the ground, say: “So below”

Setting athame on altar, say: “The circle is cast. So Mote It Be”

When casting the circle, visualize a stream of blue energy coming from the athame, creating the circle around you as you cast it.  When holding the athame to the sky and then to the earth while saying “as above, so below”, visualize the circle encompassing the space above and beneath you, as this creates a sphere of energy.

Releasing the Circle

When the ritual is concluded, it is time to release the circle.  The following is my method of doing so.

Standing to the north and holding athame aloft, turn counter-clockwise (toward the west) and say the following:

“I release the energies of this circle out unto the universe, the circle is open but remains unbroken”

Visualize the circle dissipating and the energy created within going out to the universe to manifest.  When you return to the north, sheathe the athame and set it back on the altar.  The rite has ended.


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