Sex & Spirituality

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. (I will be spending the day posting goofy Valentine cards on Facebook and waiting for the day after when candy will be sold at a discounted price). The holiday’s name comes from that of a martyred saint, but actually has roots in Paganism. To learn more about this subject, I recommend reading the following:

This article, however, will focus on sex and spirituality. I felt that this time of year would be an appropriate time to write it.

Duality of Sex

Sex is both a physical and spiritual act. It is one of the most intimate acts that people can engage in with one another; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When we have sex, we are not only sharing our bodies, but also our core energy. Even when we have an intimate conversation with someone, we are connecting with them on a spiritual level, becoming closer both emotionally and spiritually. Sex is even more intense than this, as it is one of the most intimate acts we are capable of in the physical world.

This is why we must view sex in both a physical and spiritual sense, as we are both physical and spiritual beings. By rejecting one or the other, we are not a complete person. If we view sex as only a means of having physical pleasure, we will be left spiritually empty. Similarly, if we completely reject the physical pleasure aspect of sex, we will become physically frustrated and deprived. As with everything else, it is important to have a proper balance of both.

Sexual Morality

Because sexual activity does not positively or negatively affect anyone but the individuals directly involved in the act itself, I do not believe it is logical to argue whether or not sex is ‘moral’ or ‘immoral’. As long as it is between consensual individuals, it would not be right to label it as ‘immoral’. This being said, I am disheartened by the way in which society as a whole views sex. We are moving toward a ‘hookup culture’ in which it is viewed as completely normal and acceptable to have one night stands with complete strangers. While I will not label this as immoral, I will argue that there is nothing positive about it.

As stated earlier, sex is a very intimate act, both physically and spiritually. When people choose to ‘hookup’, they are only viewing sex as a means to obtain physical pleasure. They do not care about the other person. In fact, in this way, sex is a very selfish act. Sex should be something that enhances an already existing relationship and with someone we have  a strong connection to. When we have sex strictly for physical pleasure, we are rejecting the spiritual aspect of ourselves and our partners.

This is not to say that physical pleasure is something to be avoided or that there is anything ‘immoral’ about it, quite the contrary. Because we are both physical and spiritual beings, we should pay attention to both aspects of our being. But when we reject one or the other and strive to ‘feed’ only one of them, we are not a complete person.


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