New Book Available

I started writing my novel, ‘The Deranged, Neurotic Tales of Jamie Hemingway’ in April and finished in July. It was such an amazing experience to give life to this story. I know that part of my life’s purpose is to write as much as I can and share my stories with the world. ‘The Deranged, Neurotic Tales of Jamie Hemingway is now available on and will soon be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. cover

The story follows Jamie Hemingway, who was only an infant when he was orphaned at Dagoneir Hospital. At age five, he unexpectedly finds himself being named heir to the English throne. Before claiming this title, he must complete a task that seems impossible for such a young boy to accomplish. After being crowned Prince of England, he goes on a series of wild and often humorous adventures under the authority of the Mad King, making friends and enemies along the way. The time comes, however, when a great truth is revealed to him and he must make a difficult decision that will drastically change the course of England’s future. Does Jamie have what it takes to lead his country on the correct path and into the dawn of a new age?




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