Nothing is Coincidence

Absolutely everything happens for a reason. It may not always be the reason one might expect, but reason nonetheless. Everything that occurs in life, from grand events to the most miniscule incident, has meaning. Those who practice magick know that their work often manifests itself subtly. What secular individuals call coincidence, we know to be much greater.

For example, imagine you stub your toe on the way to your car. You pause for a moment to scream a few obscenities and wait for the pain to subside. This disrupts your routine by about thirty seconds. Driving along to wherever it is you’re going, you realize that you’re thirsty from screaming earlier and decide to stop at the local 7-11 for a drink. You pull into the 7-11 and meet a friend inside. The two of you make plans to get together later that night. You meet up with your friend that night to find he has also invited another friend of his. This friend of a friend happens to be a sword salesman, and after discussing your mutual interest in swords, he offers to sell you a scimitar at a great price, something you’ve been searching for quite awhile. If you would not have stubbed your toe, you would have never gotten the opportunity to buy a scimitar.

The situations in the above example have a direct causal relationship. Stubbing your toe caused you to yell; yelling caused your throat to dry, the dry throat caused you to stop at 7-11, stopping at 7-11 caused you to meet up with a friend and make plans; this caused you to be given an opportunity to obtain a much sought-after scimitar. None of this was coincidence, it was a series of direct causal relationships that all served a purpose.

Another, more significant, example might be the following. Suppose you stubbed your toe, but the following day you wake up to find that your toe still hurts and has become swollen. This goes on for awhile until you decide to go to a doctor. During this doctor visit, your physician recommends a standard physical as you have not had one for quite some time. During this routine examination, cancer is discovered. Luckily, it was caught early enough that treatment proves viable. If you had not stubbed your toe, you would have not gone to the doctor and treatment may not have been as successful if the cancer was discovered much later.

These things happened because you were meant to buy that scimitar or discover your health issue. The series of ‘coincidences’ were merely used by the universe as a means to an end. They were not merely random occurrences or accidents; they were meaningful events leading up to following events that were indeed meant to happen.

Magick also often works in the same way. If you were to do a spell for a job, a job would not simply ‘fall into your lap’, but you may receive an invitation to a party where you will meet a business owner who has an opening. Or perhaps you do a spell to keep a harmful person away from you. A week later, you hear that this person was offered an opportunity to move to another state, and they were doing so. This is not coincidence, it is the manifestation of your magickal work.

Everything that happens to you, no matter how large or small, is all part of a higher purpose. Nothing happens merely by accident. Nothing is without meaning or purpose. Recognize this, and you will become aware of just how perfect the universe is and how magickal the workings of it truly are.


Expanding Consciousness Through Symbolism: Ants

As anyone who practices Magick is well aware, symbolism is a very powerful tool. Spells and rituals employ a wide range of symbols to charge and direct energy. Today I will demonstrate how we can expand our consciousness through symbols and our associations with them.

Oftentimes when reading books on spirituality, or in other areas such as psychology, a list of symbols will be presented and we are asked to give a list of things or ideas that we associate with that symbol. In this article I will focus on a symbol that at first may seem peculiar, the ant.

When asked what one associates with ‘ant’, many will say such things as ‘small’ and ‘insignificant’. They may think that because the ant is so small compared to them, that it is essentially meaningless and holds no great power. I will argue that this view is flawed, and by looking deeper into the symbolism of the ant, one can expand their perception of the world.

Although ants are indeed small in size (at least when compared to ourselves or other, much larger animals), this does not mean that they are simple or insignificant. Ants are in fact complex beings with their own functioning society, or colony. Colonies can be small with only a few dozen members, or very large with millions of members. No matter their size, ants work with one another to make their communities thrive. They will skillfully coordinate with one another, leading other worker ants to food, or alerting others to danger, such as to a group of ants from another colony or an animal who may be there looking for food. They also work together to build their colonies, which often include a complex, practical tunneling system. By doing these things, ants are able to create a thriving society, just as humans do.

As we can see, ants are far from being mindless beings who wander around aimlessly until death. Much can be learned from recognizing this. By appreciating the complexity of something that we may otherwise view as insignificance, our perception of the world widens. We acquire a deeper respect for the world around us and everything that it is made up of.  This can be applied to all areas of our lives. By understanding that things are much more significant than they appear to be on the surface, we expand our conscious understanding of the universe and everything in it.