Protection Magick Spell: Protection from a Harmful Person

The most important thing that needs to be mentioned before we begin is that this is not a spell to bring harm to the person you need to protect yourself from, it is simply to keep them away from you. It is important that you have the intention that this spell be mutually beneficial. To do otherwise is not in accordance with the Wiccan Rede.

Materials Needed

Your regular altar tools (for circle casting, elements, etc.)


Four Thieves Vinegar (Usually apple cider/white vinegar as base with garlic, and sometimes with herbs such as rosemary and sage. Many recipes can be found online)

1 Black Candle

Parchment Paper and Pen

Spell Work

Ideally, this spell should be done during a waning moon, but emergency circumstances may not allow you to wait. If you must, this spell may be done during any moon phase. However, if you can, it is best to wait for a waning moon.

Cast the magick circle. On the parchment paper, write the name of the individual whom you need protection from and set it on the altar. Pour the four thieves vinegar into the cauldron. Place the black candle on top of the paper and light it. Visualize the person as clearly as you can as you watch the candle burn. Say, “In the name of the Goddess and the God, I seek protection from _____. May he/she be prevented from causing me harm. Let this be for the highest good of all, harming none.” With the black candle, light the parchment on fire and allow the ashes to fall into the cauldron, mixing with the four thieves vinegar. Hold the black candle over the cauldron and allow several drops of wax to drip into the mixture. Then snuff out the candle and break it in half, symbolizing your separation from the person. Close the circle.

The next day, dispose of the four thieves vinegar mixture. This should be done outside, but not too close to your house.  (I was lucky enough to live on a 10 acre wooded property, so this was not difficult for me). If you don’t have a large property, simply do this as best you can. You could even let it run down your driveway, as long as it flows away from you. You want to keep this person and their energy away from you.

Finally, dispose of the 2 black candle pieces in two separate locations, far from one another. Again, this symbolizes the separation between yourself and the other person, as well as their inability to get to you and harm you.


Spirit Guide: Gargoyle


Name: Gargoyle

Element: Earth

Guide, Protector, Guardian





Gargoyles, while most associated with gothic architecture and Catholic churches, can arguably be seen in ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Celtic civilization. Churches traditionally used them as water spouts and to keep evil spirits at bay. They serve a similar purpose in Pagan traditions.

The gargoyle is both a protector and guide. They keep negative energy from entering the home and magick circle of those who welcome their presence and who they have chosen to act as a protector to. They work to protect you from both physical and spiritual danger. Their element is earth, and are therefore very grounded, deliberate, and careful in their actions. They may sometimes appear to be moving and acting slowly, but this is their nature as contemplative beings. They rarely act hastily, usually acting only after they have deliberated and found the best course of action that will be for your highest good. They are very competent and loyal, so you can always be sure that they will stand by your side and complete their tasks in due time.

As a guide, the gargoyle will provide information on difficult situations. They act as counselors leading you to find the best course of action at times when difficult decisions must be made. They also act as loyal friends, letting you know they are ever present and will protect you from any danger you may encounter in the situation you find yourself in. On the lighter side, they are not always somber and serious. In my experience, gargoyles have even been known to crack jokes, and don’t always prevent those pesky dwarves and gnomes from messing with your belongings, and may even join in on the fun.

If you are lucky enough to be chosen by a gargoyle, know that you have a competent protector, a wise guide, and loyal friend.  Little is written about gargoyles on most Pagan sites, and some even shy away from them because of their association with the Roman Catholic Church. If you are approached by a gargoyle, acknowledge and embrace them, and you could be led to a very rewarding relationship.

A Word on Catholicism

Catholics are often criticized by many groups, including Pagans, atheists, and other Christian sects. The reason for this seems to stem from the idea that Catholics are particularly strict and repressive. But is it really fair to label them as such. In this article, we will examine why it may not be wise to put Catholics under particular scrutiny.

First, a personal background. I was raised Catholic. I went to Catholic school for nine years (Kindergarten-8th grade). However, my family were not strict Catholics by any means and completely accept my path as a Wiccan. They sent their kids to Catholic school mainly for the idea that it was a better education. The school I went to was also fairly liberal. Some of my fellow students were openly gay or atheist, and were for the most part accepted. We also partook in the same shenanigans as any other school-aged kids. Looking back, I do believe I received a very good education and am thankful for my time spent there.

A common belief about Catholics is that they are particularly repressive when compared to other groups. However, there really is not much truth to this. A Catholic priest will never hold a mass where he condemns homosexuals or nonbelievers to hell. He will also never command parents to beat their children for disobedience or as a method to ‘break their will’. Other Christian sects, particularly evangelicals and Baptists, do in fact support such radical and dangerous ideas.

I have never been told by a Catholic that I am going to hell, whereas I have lost count on how many times I’ve been condemned by protestants. In fact, a true Catholic knows that they do not have the authority to make such a claim. Not even the Pope can say if a particular person or group will go to hell. The true message of the Catholic Church is love and compassion, as opposed to the fire and brimstone message of many protestant sects.

The criticism that Catholics receive is not wholly earned. It is based off of many preconceived notions that for the most part are simply untrue. I do not share their theological beliefs, but I can respect them as a group that does not preach hate or eternal damnation. As I often say, IF I was a Christian, I’d be a Catholic.